📄Hosting on Matar

This page will outline the benefits of hosting your community conversations on Matar App


Growing User Base

2,000+ registered users spread across 4 communities. Many other communities have started hosting but are in beta mode.

ChatGPT Integration

Matar uses the 3.5 Turbo GPT API to fetch answers for asked questions. Even before passing the transcribed question from the user, matar filters into a category it belongs to. To understand specific question subjects, check Changing Subjects.

P2P-based Communications

Another advantage of hosting communications on Matar is Peer-to-peer(P2P) communication compared to traditional client-server communication. P2P distributed computing reduces the load and cost of servers while increasing the reliability, availability and enhancing privacy.

Available to All

Matar being a P2P audio communications app removes barriers for people with disabilities and non-English readers. Any community has the opportunity to become a partner, sign up and participate in the conversations on Matar.

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