📄Project Structure

This page will provide information on project code structure and directories.

Describing Project Directories

Before we begin, here is the project structure when opening the project in Android Studio:

Source Code Directories

manifests Folder

The manifest folder contains .xml file related to your android application. .xml file contains your application metadata, packages for Kotlin file, and other application components.

java folder

The java folder contains all the source code (libraries,test files). If we create any new project by default the class file MainActivity.kt file with empty implementations will create automatically under the package name. For example see the

assets Folder

assets folder contain config.json which provides storage network configuration.

Resource (res) folder

The resource folder contains images, XML layouts, and UI strings for the android application.

Gradle Scripts folder

Gradle means automated build system and it contains a number of files that are used to define a build configuration that can be applied to all modules in our application. In build.gradle (Project) there are buildscripts and in build.gradle (Module) plugins and implementations are used to build configurations that can be applied to all our application modules

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