This page discusses upcoming Matar features and experimentation in process.

Matar Android - Current Functionalities

Below is a brief overview of the features Matar currently supports:

  1. Users can ask and answer questions by recording audio on their phones. Questions can usually be a maximum of 15 secs in length, while answers can go up to 90 secs. However, this is configurable at an organization level.

  2. Users can view question-answers belonging to multiple categories on the app. They can also lock a certain category to view questions only of that category.

  3. Currently, in the app, questions are ordered based on the number of answers each question has - this means users will first see the questions with the highest number of comments/answers. Also, once a question has been viewed by the user, we send it to the end of the questions list, so users engage with new content too.

  4. Users can react to different answers by liking, disliking, or blocking an answer.

  5. Answers are ordered based on how many likes and dislikes they have, with some bias for more recent comments to be up there first.

  6. When a user submits any new question, they can also get an answer from ChatGPT in their language (currently only tested in Hindi) as an audio comment to that question within 2 minutes. This way every question gets at least one answer.

  7. All the content above is unique to your organization - and Matar can easily support multiple communities separately.

Matar Android - Future Functionalities

Some of our current planned initiatives include:

  1. Ability to add thoughts in a more streamlined UI/UX that works for both literate and non-literate audiences.

  2. Add identity on the app as an incentive to converse and feel related to the app.

  3. Integrate push notifications to timely remind users of valuable content.

  4. Custom deferred deep-linked URL that can lead fresh users to easily and directly enter into the org of their choice on Matar.

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