📄View Questions

This page will provide instructions on how to view questions from a specific category in the Matar app.

  1. On the home page of the Matar app. The answerable questions are listed in the upper left column from a specific category. See the screenshot below for reference they are labeled with numbers inside the boxes:

Box 1 contains the asked question whereas Box 2 lists the subjects from which the question is asked. Box 3 contains an answer to the question. A question can have multiple answers which can be viewed by swiping up inside the Box 3 area.

2. To view the next question swipe left. See a short preview below for reference:

3. When the question audio is playing the speaker button will turn grey. Please refer to the screenshot below which highlights the speaker button in the red box:

4. When the answer audio is playing the purple matar circle will glow. See the screenshot below for reference:

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➡️ Changing Subjects

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